Western-Thriller ‘Brimstone’ – Starring Guy Pearce, Dakota Fanning, Kit Harrington, and Carice Van Houten

Director: Martin Koolhoven
Box office: 1.7 million USD
Story by: Martin Koolhoven
Nominations: Golden Lion, Grand Jury Prize
Critic reviews
The film has gruesomely effective moments, and one at times gets caught up in the gears of its big interlocked narrative, but it also has serious longueurs. Full review

Owen Gleiberman
Though this Western is interesting and artistically daring, it’s far too brutal and sadistic (and far too long) to recommend for casual viewing; it requires strong resolve and a stomach to match. Full review

Jeffrey M. Anderson
Common Sense Media
A western horror show with an unrelenting Old and New Testament kick.Full review

Manohla Dargis
The NYTimes

greasy_minge: It’s been out in the US for ages, really good film but will turn off nearly everyone due to content.

mrenigma93: This has been on VOD for a while. By all accounts it’s not very good. Weird that there is a “new” poster.

DothrakiSlayer: *Two* Game of Thrones actors? Sign me up.

Mozbee1: Can Kit make any other look with his face?

craicatoa: Guy pierce makes a terrific bad guy in this.

arrogant_ambassador: Looks like they’re trying to play down the more controversial elements for Western audiences. [Here’s the original poster.](https://fanart.tv/fanart/movies/324560/movieposter/brimstone-58418825ba5d1.jpg)

Pavleena: Saw it in March. Great movie, but not for everyone.

_FURTIVE_PYGMY_: Anyone else gonna mention how this is literally the worst poster I’ve ever seen for a movie

Dr_Colossus: Kit is a legit B movie star. Pretty impressive rise for a guy that signed on for a fantasy TV show.

thenewtransportedman: How about those titans of journalism on those pull quotes!

destructormuffin: What an awful poster.

Flabby-Nonsense: Hasn’t this already been released?

DreamsOfNeonCities: Wait what this movie has been out for months. Already left cinemas here.

Sunshine145: Didn’t this movie come out ages ago?

Kbdiggity: Is this how Guy Pearce landed Caurice Van Houten? Or were they together before filming?

kroople: And there’s Kit, doing his brooding thing.

scienceandsnow: Stopped to look cuz I thought it was Nick Offerman with the beard…Nope, I’m out.

Mutt1223: Oh look, Jon Snow with guns. I’m in.

vonWeizhacker: They filmed this in my small hometown in the middle of Germany. I remember seeing Guy Pearce walking around in the City without anybody noticing. Some of them stayed in a hotel my friend used to own and we had drinks with Kit and other actors and the crew. Cool guys!

Sig_P229: This makes me happy.

I will happily trade two decades of shitty comic book movies, for two decades of westerns

Edit: I don’t see how anyone can downvote a fistful of dollars outside of those who have never seen if. Not sorry it’s old, it’s great.

TheLast_Centurion: New poster? That movie is already out.

By the way, it is really worth a watch. If I did not know the director, I would have thought Im watching Tarantino movie. Really worth a watch.

Samu-tan: I thought the movie wasn’t great, but still pretty good. The acting is great, good music and cinematography and I liked how the plot was structured.

Some of the events in the film were… weird, to say the least. There was some extreme violence that was hardly believable and is sure to put off many viewers.

But hey, I really liked it. But I might be biased since I’m Dutch and it’s mostly a Dutch production.

RustyDetective: This came out a while back. Great western drama. Solid performance from Dakota and especially Guy. Kit was more of the usual he tends to be outside of Jon Snow.

cxbu: Meh. Watched it already. It was ok. Neither great nor terrible. A lot of missed opportunities in the story. If you like depressing narratives this is for you.

NabiscoShredderWheat: Jon Snow just can’t escape the Winter can he.

Im_Grizzzly: That tagline though.

buddycheesus: She’s all like, “Holy fuck it’s cold!”

amorales2666: Harington*

Kasorae: This poster looks like it belongs to a dark tower movie… Maybe a good one. Maybe one made in a universe that has takuro spirits.

Dallywack3r: Looks like a Made-for-TV rip off of The Revenant.

LadyLuck83: This has been out for quite a while.

HeyJude21: Poster looks like a combination of a Star Wars spinoff and Indiana Jones.

Yauld: it looks like they made the poster with the girl in the center, and then last day went: “Oh, Guy Pearce also needs to be on here, we’ll photoshop him to the right. Oh shit, my boy Kit also needs to be here. We’ll pop him in the middle of them. Perfect.”

RatchetBro: I saw this at TIFF last year. Unless the long delay in it’s wide release was to completely rework the movie through editing, it’s just dreadful. It’s an overly long series of over-the-top downers told out of order for no particular reason, but you never really connect or become invested in the main character that the movie spends 95% of it’s run shitting upon. If you’re watching it for Jon Snow, he’s in it for all of maybe ten minutes.

ANerdNamedTrevor: Not a fan of landscape posters.

Sig_P229: You are missing a key point: westerns are grounded in somewhat levels of reality. Comic books are fantasies for children

deliaprod: Who in DA FACK is “Koolhovens?”

magicinspector: this will be cool

-Lumos: I really liked the Junkie XL (or Tom Holkenborg) music in this movie!

doodymagoob: this got released already

BarelyLegalAlien: Looks shit. I have a good metric for movie posters. If the style doesn’t fit the era, it’s probably shit, like Magnificent Seven.

CyborgKodiak: I can’t wait till we get past this whole fad of hiring GoT actors that cant act, just for the star power.
Kit harrington is fine as Jon snow, but only cuz a mopey bastard is literally the only role he can play.

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