First image of Chris Pine as Robert The Bruce in ‘Outlaw King’

A true David v Goliath story of how the great 14th Century Scottish ‘Outlaw King’ Robert The Bruce used cunning and bravery to defeat and repel the much larger and better equipped occupying English army.


David Mackenzie


David Mackenzie


Chris PineAaron Taylor-JohnsonFlorence Pugh

airlockengage: I wonder if he can pull off an accent. He certainly looks different, enough that I’d think of him as ‘not Chris Pine’.

BunyipPouch: Also starring Aaron-Taylor Johnson & Florence Pugh. Directed by David Mackenzie (Hell or High Water).

I’m hyped.

drewforeman: Chris Pine should play Young Davos Seaworth in a “Pirates of the Narrow Sea” spinoff.

ReZ-115: Please be good, medieval movies need to make a comeback. I love anything to do with swords and castles.

hides_dirty_secrets: Who’s gonna play Mel Gibson?

TJ_McWeaksauce: I know next to nothing about Scottish history. All I know is that Robert the Bruce was a badass who fought for his country’s independence. Unfortunately, he was also portrayed as a bit of a pussy in *Braveheart*.

I’m guessing this movie will portray him in a much more positive manner.

TheLast_Centurion: Well, he´s been stuck on that planet for far too long now, I guess. Hope, that Enterprise crew will soon find him.

sandalrubber: Will they do the spider in a cave? True or not, it’s iconic.

Paris1968: Chris Pine is fast becoming a national treasure.

Dirty_Isle: A friend of mine is currently Chauffeuring the cast and crew on location at the moment.

Said his accent isn’t half bad and that he’s a pretty pleasant guy.

Chris Pine is a boss.

MrCaul: Looks cool.

I really enjoyed Starred Up from the director as well as Hell or High Water and I see Florence Pugh from Lady Macbeth is also in this, so I’m definitely interested.

The_Real_McQueen: Another David Mackenzie movie starring Chris Pine, count me in

ohfrickme: Is no one going to mention how impressive that mans beard is?

Turok1134: Ah, so Chris Pine playing Nick Offerman playing Robert The Bruce? Cool.

jocktx: I like Chris Pine and I hope his Scottish accent is better than mel Gibson’s.

iticklemyballs: Wow…Never thought he could look so badass

xrf_rcc: Do I know anything about Robert the Bruce? No. Am I going to see this movie to watch a rugged scruffy Chris Pine? Heck yes I am.

StoicBanana: That’s one cool looking motherfucker.

BaymaxandTianaFan: Chris is trying to work the scruffy look. It’s working

Uppercut_City: Clan Bruce represent! I’m pretty stoked about this.

Reedrbwear: TIL I am related to the Bruce on my father’s side.


zootskippedagroove6: Straight thug

Quilled: This has me interested. Didn’t even know that the movie was being made.

That_Jake: The first thing I thought of was the Three Floyd’s beer

tom6195: Can’t wait to hear Chris Pine’s Scottish accent

orangewaterfalls: So who’s playing William Wallace ???

DeMarner: Will William Wallace be in this?

SexyHamburgerMeat: Wrote a 16 page paper in high school about Robert the Bruce. Excited for this.

wishiwascooltoo: He’s the one that back stabbed Mellie G in that one battle, right?

baldybeardface: Huh. They were filming some of this in the town I live in, Linlithgow, a couple of weeks ago.

Krstoserofil: So how big is the budget for this thing?

tightassbogan: couldnt find a scottish actor to fill the role,or at least a POM
fucking hell

Sharsyed13: Anybody know a release date for the movie?

The0rangeKind: I really liked Angus Mcfadyens portrayal of Robert the Bruce in Braveheart. It will be interesting to see Chris Pine’s version.

rivetcityransom: I really hope they show him galloping across the field to split Henry de Bohun’s head in half at Bannockburn. I’m sure it will be an awesome scene in the finished movie!

RudeTurnip: I’ve been saying for years that Mel Gibson should have followed up Braveheart with a Robert the Bruce sequel.

pongo49: Will there be singing. I hope not

historymajor44: I didn’t know that this was getting made. My dick is erect for a real Braveheart movie. And thank fucking christ that he’s not wearing a kilt.

willdirectforfood: I’m working on a web series in the same time period so this is really fucking exciting for me, especially since Hell or High Water is one of my favorite movies of the past 5 years.

joinville_x: I’m Scottish. I knew nothing about this movie.

I am excited as fuck. David Mackenzie is an amazing director.

Who’s playing the Black Douglas?

arturhorn: He kinda reminds me of Geremy Irons here. I’m intrigued.

mroboto2016: My great aunt once had our family tree traced back. It seems I’m a decendant of Robert the Bruce.

L33Doug: wonder if this will chronicle his fight with leprosy.

FlacidRooster: But does he have fermented crab?

KieRanaRan: Given that this man is on our £20 notes I sincerely hope they do the film justice.

Also *please* have a convincing Scottish accent, nothing takes me out of a movie more.

Redlyr: We need a king to rule our land

Bruce is in command

It is the crown that’s in his sight

And it’s the reason we will fight

To attack, send them back

And then we’ll see to Bruce’s coronation

We are the Scots with pikes in hand

And we will die to claim our land!

Lildrummerman: He has finished his evolution into James marsden
Crames Marpine.

TopherMellenium: You’ve bled with William Wallace…now bleed with me!!

Cooper1977: How is he going to ride a motorcycle in this movie? Isn’t it in his contract that he rides a motorcycle in every movie? All three Star Treks, Wonder Woman, Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit…

lollybluk: We went on holiday to aviemore last month and the resort we were staying in were holding open auditions for extras, I presume now for this movie! Said unkept hair and facial hair a bonus

Ryanestrasz: I wonder if Chris Pine gets to be shirtless in this movie too.

Yodaman93: I wanna know who’s playing the horse.

turtlehead34: I thought chris pine and robert the spruce were the names of the trees in the image.

sasquatl1: LMS, we do deserve more medieval mayhem. Hoping they do two scenes justice, bifurcating Bohun’s skull with his war axe and the time when’s he’s taking refuge after a lost battle, watching a spider attempting to swing to another ledge while building a web, after six misses the spider succeeds( music building to triumphant crescendo) convincing Robert to one more battle and the rest is history. True or not it’s a great tale.
Side note, would also like to see a movie about mean badass Clovis, king of the Franks. There’s a great battle axe moment, he had too!

thelastbowmanian: I’m not sure exactly what he would be considered to me, but I’m a descendant of the Bruce line so he’s my great, great, great great (x10), something. The hype is real for me right now.

thedarv: Considering that I’m distantly related to the Bruce, I hope he wasn’t an asshat. Looking forward to seeing this regardless:-)

YallLosersCanSuckIt: This dude can’t act for sh*t

iwastheone: So Chris Pine shows how he’s sucked Hollywood dick and is getting payed back by being allowed to star in some other Hollywood movie. Next good looking actor/actress who needs to move up the Hollywood ranks get in line please!