How Colin Trevorrow Exits as Director of ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ impacts the release date

Music composed by: John Williams
Story by: George Lucas
Language: English
Producer: Kathleen Kennedy
Screenplay: Colin Trevorrow, Rian Johnson


Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases in 100 days. Is their marketing campaign working?

Connor Trevorrow out as Star Wars director Episode 9.

Now I will prefix this by saying yes 100 days is a long time.

And yes we can all expect The Last Jedi to make a deathstar load of money. And we can argue over will nt surpass The Force Awakens.

However is the current marketing strategy working? For me personally none of the questions might actually matter but instead demonstrate my logic of trying to understand why this doesn’t feel like an event film at all (at least yet).

1) Trailer wise we have one. A so-called teaser trailer. I would say teaser is an apt name because I don’t see how that trailer excited non-fans (and I don’t include everyone who say The Force Awakens as a fan). I’m not really sure I could even tell you want the movie is even about.

2) The Porgs. This might just be me but as someone who loves BB-8 the whole Porg stuff screams of “let’s make a cute alien toy.” Honestly I was really off put when I first saw it and the way they keep pushing it online doesn’t work for me.

3) Daisy Ridley and Jon Boyega are really well cast but they were also mostly unknowns. Now Jon Boyega has a spotty track record and Ridley has really yet to do something else.

4) Barely anybody outside the fandom seems to be talking about it. Think of how many time you’re heard there’s a Thor film or a Justice League film or even that third Cloverfield movie wherever it is. Pf course it couldn’t reach the Force Awakens levels but it’s been very quiet.

5) I feel like the whole #UntitledHanSolo (which fear for I hate that hashtag just name the bloody thing) director controversy was the last big Star Wars headline and since then nothing.

6) This might be a bit cold but shouldn’t they be making a bigger deal out of the Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia last film thing? I saw one magazine cover and that’s it..

Anyway, how do you guys see it? Have they done enough? Are you guys already sold? Is it Star Wars and I should just shut up? Lemme know.


Colin Trevorrow exits “Star Wars Episode 9”


For comparison:

According to [THR](, script issues are the reason Colin was let go.