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2017 ‧ Drama film/Thriller ‧ 2h 15m
When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, neighborhood kids band together to square off against Pennywise, an evil clown whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries.
Release date: September 8, 2017 (Canada)
Director: Andrés Muschietti
Story by: Stephen King
Screenplay: Cary Fukunaga, Chase Palmer, Gary Dauberman
Producers: Seth Grahame-Smith, Barbara Muschietti, Dan Lin, Roy Lee, David Katzenberg

awesometuck1559: Just saw it at an advanced screening. Fantastic film that’s surprisingly funny with legitimate scares. I really enjoyed the kids’ performances, and there are scenes that are sure to stick with you for a while after you walk out of the theater.

CatheterC0wb0y: >Who exactly is It for? Its heroes, like its audience, are kids. What responsible parent will buy their tickets?

… What? Is Chris Nashawty serious? Not for one second through the promotional material have I thought “this looks like a good wholesome family film. Should bring my 10 year old daughter to this.”

noimdirtydan14: This went from a “not on my radar” to one of my most anticipated films of the fall. The marketing was absolutely fantastic. The buzz surrounding this film is off the charts, and it is not only expected to break the September opening weekend box office record, but the opening weekend for any horror film. Friday cannot come soon enough.

haunthorror: Richard Roeper just gave it a 4 star review calling it one of the most memorable horror films of our time!

jakejames: At lowest 75% on RT, guaranteed, or I’ll chew on a mouthful of pennies.

wpnw: I was at a press screening tonight (which was surprisingly empty). I thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn’t very scary and relied on some fairly cliche jump scares in many scenes, but it was well done over all and did have some good freaky moments. Bill Skarsgaard is excellent as Pennywise, and the kids were all really well cast. AMA if you want to know more.

dronecypher: “A word of warning: It features a truly staggering number of jump scares. Possibly more jump scares than I have ever seen in a film – they are constant and unrelenting, and you will walk out of this movie drained, your primate amygdala having been subjected to the chemical analogue of a woolly mammoth hunt. Jump scares are the absolute cheapest tool in the horror filmmaker’s utility belt – and are widely reviled for good reason – but Muschietti deploys them well. They’re largely earned, in that you anticipate almost all of them yet they fuck you up anyway.”

Positive review from someone who didn’t much like the book. Says it’s an effective horror movie that isn’t quite as great when it aspires to more.

taylorj474: Dying to know if this lives up to the hype. Does it?


OxBakersTriumph: As someone who doesn’t particularly like jump scares and whose girlfriend is making him see it this weekend, can someone tell me what to expect? Am I gonna piss myself?

xvalicx: When a modern horror film gets this sort of reception from critics, I know I’ll be extremely happy, probably love the movie.

TheJoshider10: So far 100% after 23 reviews and an 8/10 average rating. Really happy with that.

sunshine_break: The reviews are 100% spot on, really well made and really fun movie but doesn’t do much new or even particularly interesting stuff. You’ll have a fun ride.

MrMayMays: I saw an advanced screening tonight, and I was left blown away. The jump scares are plentiful, but they don’t feel cheap like in other recent horror films. One thing to note is that there is a lot of CGI, but not once did it actually take me out of the film, which is something I don’t say very often. Highly recommend checking it out this weekend, as seeing it with a crowd is definitely a more entertaining experience.

Sisiwakanamaru: [Chris Nashwaty – Entertainment Weekly](

Worthyness: [Screenjunkies](


NeilPoonHandler: [The A.V. Club](

St_Bernardus: Looks like the consensus is that most people are going to at least like this movie.

WaywardWriter: For those that don’t wanna dig too deep at the moment:

– The film is apparently half horror, half Stand By Me.

– Most of the critics agree that, while the horror portion is good, the kids’ acting makes the other half better.

– Even though their characters are a bit on the thin side, which several critics cite as the script’s only real weakness.

– Sophia Lillis, as Bev, shines more than anybody else.

– Skarsgård is Curry’s complete opposite, but apparently works in a different way (he’s not simple scary, but more in your face scary).

– The set pieces are a lot of fun

goopdoop: For other people who were lucky enough to attend an advanced screening: When was the last time we had a horror movie this good? I really enjoyed it.

Spoiler beware: [Pennywise with Georgie’s arm](#spoiler) in particular creeped me out. Kinda shocked how far they went with some of the kid deaths.

NeilPoonHandler: I’m really glad to her that it’s pretty damn good. I’m very excited to see this. It should make up for the lousy Dark Tower adaptation that we got.

TheJakeJobe: Surprisingly funny and ALOT of jump scares, but a bit weak overall. Check it out if you want some laughs and/or get scared. Though, don’t expect much more than that. 7/10

waynethehuman: I’ve already watched a lot of slow burn horror this year (Get Out, A Dark Song, Blackcoat’s Daughter, It Comes at Night etc). Now I just want to be scared silly. If, just like Annabelle, this movie can utilize jump scares nicely, then I’ll be a satisfied moviegoer.

FrankRosenthal: I used to be with IT, but then they changed what IT was. Now what I’m with isn’t IT, and what’s IT seems weird and scary to me.

Lavender_Pink: These reviews sound more like pans than positive ones.

ddizler: Definitely excited to see this movie. Anyone got a count on how many jumpscares in the movie?

Blue_Three: Having read through the leaked draft and later revisions of the script these past few days, it should be interesting to see where they went with the final movie. Not that I think it’s necessary, but depending on how much material they shot I think an extended cut might be in the books once it gets released on blu-ray.

The movie would have looked *quite different* if they’d gone with what Fukunaga envisioned. You can PM me for a link to the files.

GOODBrandon: Expected reviews to be this good. Cannot wait to see this movie.

throwawayforsex877: This film is going to shit over Get Out and Darren Arnoskfy’s Mother! as the best horror film of 2017.

AndISaidHey27: [Chris Stuckmann’s review](

831pm: I am a horror fan so I am glad that it seemed like there was a genuine effort being made here. Alot of time spent on character development and effects etc. The downside is that the movie, despite its best efforts, is not really that scary. A for effort but kind of unbalanced and bland.

paintp_: Sometimes remake/reboot works I guess.

lord-of-sion: Is the arm ripping scene there?

iHidden: Soo what’s the ending if anyone is okie with private messaging it to me.

Lavender_Pink: Funny how the film makes it a point to say Beverly is being a victim of abuse at home and at school through slut-shaming, but even in the club, she’s being objectified by the boys. It’s like, the girl can’t win any way. King had some very outdated views.

datums: I just saw it a week from now.

All the reviews will be accurate.

ReservoirDog316: These reviews should be interesting. Honestly not sure if I should see this or not, even if I have moviepass now (woo).

lord-of-sion: Indiewire not liking it is a good sign…they a pretentious as hell

buzz3light: Surprised that critics are saying the movie was afraid to let Skarsgard shine. That’s a shame. He was what really kept my interest. I’m not too thrilled with the similarities IT has with films and series like Sandlot and Stranger Things, just seems like I’ve seen it before but now it has a horror twist (apparently not really all that scary either?)

Edit: Yes, I know IT came before Stranger Things. The Netflix series has a lot to thank from its predecessor. That still doesn’t change how people see Stranger Things as more relevant and original in pop culture today. The average movie goer who has access to Netflix and watched ST won’t see it your way. More than likely they experienced ST before IT. It’s quite evident when you look across social media

‘It’ Movie: Stephen King Adaptation Shattering Ticket Sales Records [Domestic]

“It,” the hotly anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s doorstop of a novel, is shaping up to be a box office monster. The horror film is expected to make $60 million when it debuts on Friday. “It” has shattered records to become the top horror film pre-seller in history, surprising 2011’s “Paranormal Activity 3.” It also took the crown as Fandango’s top pre-seller among September releases, eclipsing 2016’s “Sully.”

Fandango didn’t say exactly how many tickets “It” has sold., meanwhile, said “It” currently accounts for 54.4% of all tickets sold by the company through Wednesday. If the film hits $60 million, it will become the biggest September opening of all time. “Hotel Transylvania 2” was the previous record holder with its $48 million debut.

“It” follows a group of teen outcasts who battle a mysterious and deadly force — one that manifests itself as a child-eating clown. Andrés Muschietti, best known for “Mama,” directs a cast that includes Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, the clown, along with Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, and Sophia Lillis as his young foes.

“It’s” popularity is good news for a movie business that just suffered its worst summer in more than two decades. Fandango hasn’t had a pre-seller of this size since “Spider-Man: Homecoming” debuted in July. “It” has been the company’s top ticket-seller every day this week … Source


Fishbach242: Damn excited it’s doing well but disappointing that Im not gonna be able to watch it since the hurricane Irma is coming towards Miami.

rdldr1: First IP Man and now IT. Good to see the tech industry trending upward in Hollywood.

autotldr: This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 75%. (I’m a bot)
> “It” has shattered records to become the top horror film pre-seller in history, surprising 2011’s “Paranormal Activity 3.” It also took the crown as Fandango’s top pre-seller among September releases, eclipsing 2016’s “Sully.”

> Part of the film’s appeal stems from the fact that it isn’t a sequel or a followup, something that may have derailed ticket sales in the summer as audiences tired of followups and reboots.

> Just over half of ticket buyers, some 57% of those polled, identify themselves as true horror fans.

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phbartletforpres: It floats high in the sky

hamlet9000: > “It” has shattered records to become the top horror film pre-seller in history, surprising 2011’s “Paranormal Activity 3.”

*Paranormal Activity 3* was reportedly aghast.

tjfrank94: I was so excited for business to finally pick up at my theater where I work, but hurried Irma is going to keep a lot of people away from the theater even though people are borderline begging for this.

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