Highest grossing movie, by year, every year since Jaws (1975)

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justin_memer: James Cameron has *two* $2+ *BILLION* grossing movies.

EmperorTauntaun: I think the Star Wars series has the most top grossing movie of the year with 5 and I’m certainly they’ll have 6 once VIII comes out. Although the MCU will probably quickly catch up.

Edit: It’s sort of crazy that Disney now owns both of these major properties and now almost has a guarantee that they’ll be the top grossing movie of the year from here on out.

ArticArny: That’s a lot of pictures of Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise

Jitszu: Spoilers for 2017: It’s *The Last Jedi*.

Edit: I meant 2017, not 2018 :p

TheHeyHeyMan: 1995 must have been a super low grossing year in general. I love Die Hard With A Vengeance but was surprised to see it at number one.

merry722: Wow . ET made 793million way back when . That’s insane. It’s a classic in my head but I forget Spielberg’s effect.

keving691: Seeing Age of Extinction on this list makes me sick. Such an awful movie.

JimJimmyJimJimJimJim: A poster illustrating the highest grossing movies, by year, every year **before** Jaws would be just as interesting!

EmperorTauntaun: Originally source and creator of this poster can be found here:

TheDudeNeverBowls: That’s the thing about Micheal Bay. He makes shitty movies that nonetheless make all the money. The two lowest RT scores are both Bay films.

pauldraino: Huh, was there a recession in 1979? Moonraker surprised me and even then, it made very little comparably.

girafa: Wow. Had no idea *Fatal Attraction* made that kind of money.

YaBoyStevieJay: The stark contrast between US and International for Transformers 4 is incredible.

KWright84: I’m not a big John Williams fan, but he did the original score for THIRTEEN out of these 42 movies. That’s hardcore.

jimmyrhall: I like that Harry had its first movie, middle and final top grossing of their respective year.

syrstorm: *”Why do we only get sequels, these days? Hollywood has run out of ideas!!”*

TWO of the last 18 movies on that list were original movies (Avatar and Frozen). THAT’s why we get sequels, folks!

ZelpherXeis: Mind blown note: Harrison Ford is in quite a few of these movies

andy282828: Harrison ford sure did kill it in the 80’s

Duval43: Harrison Ford is in a lot of these movies.

zmose: Basically if your name was either George Lucas or Steven Spielberg between 1977 and 1990, you were very happy.

thinkingwithhportals: Can we all just take a moment to appreciate just how god damn good Shrek 2 is

THEONEBLUE: I’m sensing some patterns here.

atthem77: 15 of the last 18 were reboot, remake, or sequel.

Only 7 of the 24 before those were reboot, remake, or sequel.

Is Hollywood out of ideas, or do they just know where the money is?

ajustice83: Die Hard 3 is a splat? I feel like hurting people after seeing that.

MAGAtheCENTIPEDE: what kind of savage down votes TopGun

CowNchicken12: Fucking hell The Force Awakens has a 93% score on RT?

RoninSnowe: This made me realize that WB made so much money ifrom 2000 to 2008.

mostredditisawful: This would be better if it didn’t include grosses from re-releases and just included totals from the first theatrical runs. It would give a better sense of things since Star Wars, for example, has several theatrical re-releases while others do not.

Or if it separately listed grosses from subsequent releases.

paskanaddict: Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Disney, book adaptions and couple originals.

FastX2: Quick, someone count the movies with John Williams soundtracks!

TJNuge: So pretty much Spielberg

Cephas4: It hilarious how Star Wars Episode 1 is on this list but 2 and 3 are know where to be found.

samshoe242: And people wonder why Hollywood puts out so many sequels.

cannondave: * First 21 years: 14 original concepts/movies, and 7 repetitive movies (sequels/franchise etc).
* Last 21 years: only 6 original movies. and 15 repetitive movies.
* Since ’98, only 2 movies were original.

sinbad_the_genie: My god, Speilberg totally dominated the 80’s.

Phoenix_P04: Wow, not much going on in 1995 was there?

c24w: Be interesting to see the figures relative to one another, i.e. factoring currency value.

HoosierProud: Notice how starting in 1999 there are only two original movies that aren’t a franchise, prequel, or sequel that are number 1. Frozen and Avatar. Says a lot.

PoorEdgarDerby: And yet people still try to say sci fi/fantasy is for kids/losers.

mong0038: Toy Story 3 đŸ˜“

_skywlkr: Shrek 2

madeyegroovy: Weird how Goblet of Fire is there when it was arguably one of the worst.

justastudent89: Kind of depressing how many of them are parts of series, not enough standalone films

gr1mace02: It’s crazy how The Force Awakens came out in December and was ***still*** the highest grossing film of the year. Glad to say I helped on that front

wambam_intheclam: This just makes me re-ask the question of why Michael Bay is still making movies.

hilyou: Disney is absolutely destroying the 2010s, 5 of the 7 films listed from 2010 onward are distributed all by Disney.

If you count 2017, it’s 6 out of 8 because of Beauty and the Beast. Only movie that seems likely to beat B&B is Episode VII which is Disney also.

For 2018, it’ll be most likely Infinity War so 7 out of 9 movies. For 2019, either Episode IX or Avengers 4. Holy Shit.

hpstrprgmr: I thought Stand By Me out grossed Top Gun…was on a River Phoenix documentary recently.

Tyranid457: Awesome!

ZynoT: Rain Man deserved so much more money.

MrHabadasher: What happened in 1996 that made us all idiots?

Maverick721: Can you imagine a movie like Rain Man being the blockbuster of the year today? Hell, most studios probably wouldn’t touch it

uranimuesbahd: Seeing the first Harry Potter in the list reminds me how old the film really is. In a few years it will be twenty-years old!

pooch516: The Frozen poster really stands out in the last few rows. Needs more gritty grimdark!

EdgarFriendly: Theyre either terrible or great

Free_Ponda_Baba: What happened at the turn of the century? Before then, pretty much every highest grossing movie was good. Then it’s just a hit or miss in the 2000s

Cloudy_mood: And don’t forget- when A New Hope came out in 1977, movie houses didn’t want to show it. So some of that gross is from a time when the film was in *less* theaters. Eventually of course the rest picked it up.

mega-blep: Armageddon. O’rly? Oo

acrucifiedclown: Moonraker was a true surprise on this list. That was a botched abortion of a movie.

wyvernwy: Seen 31 of these movies, would only watch 12 of them again if I had the chance.

RainVue: Somebody…

kclarke6: Seriously transformers age of extinction. Wtf

Bojanghal: An interesting and great compilation until about the mid 2000s….jeez there are some stinkers in their lol

HarryJohnstone: Looks to me like people don’t flock to original ideas anymore…

7sle: I’ve never even heard of Moonraker from 1979. Was 79 a bad year for movies?

Edit: WHAT that’s a 007 movie I’ve never heard of. Is it just one people would rather forget?

WokeLeo: This is really cool! Great work OP!

SuperCashBrother: Rain Man. Oh how times have changed.

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