Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Anyone?

Is Guardians 2 anyone else’s favourite Marvel movie so far?

Finished my 4th watch-through, and my overall consensus is that it was a huge improvement over the first one, considering that movie was still great/fantastic in my eyes.

Though theres much more comedy here than before, they still managed to bring in excellent dialogue, amazing acting (especially Pratt, and in that scene at the end…), probably the most diverse colour palette i’ve seen in a movie in a while, fantastic cgi etc.

They took everything that made the first movie great, expanded it, and added elements from the other movies that have a more serious tone, making it feel like a product that doesn’t feel like just one genre. It takes several, blends them together, and provides something so fantastic. I love this movie so much, and i didn’t want to share any thoughts until i’d had decent amounts of watch throughs.

Anyone else feel the same? Or anyone who thinks differently? I’d love to hear

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
2017 ‧ Fantasy/Science fiction film ‧ 2h 18m

Peter Quill and his fellow Guardians are hired by a powerful alien race, the Sovereign, to protect their precious batteries from invaders. When it is discovered that Rocket has stolen the items they were sent to guard, the Sovereign dispatch their armada to search for vengeance. As the Guardians try to escape, the mystery of Peter’s parentage is revealed.
Initial release: April 19, 2017 (Hollywood)
Director: James Gunn
Box office: 862.9 million USD
Budget: 200 million USD
Music composed by: Tyler Bates
Critic reviews
Marvel’s favorite motley crew of reformed outlaws is back for another space adventure full of classic tunes, epic battles, and charming comedy.Full review

Sandie Angulo Chen
Common Sense Media
It doesn’t so much deepen the first “Guardians” as offer a more strenuous dose of fun to achieve a lesser high. Full review

Owen Gleiberman
Whether you saw or avoided the original Guardians, that choice will likely inform what you do with Vol. 2, because this sequel flies in the same content universe. Full review
Paul Asay
Plugged In
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 doubles-down on everything that audiences loved about its predecessor, to still-entertaining but diminished returns. Full review
Sandy Schaefer
Screen Rant

TalentedTongue1011: SpiderMan Homecoming has the top spot for me. It was the best presentation of the wall crawler ever IMO.

Sgt_Funky: i’m sure lots of people in this sub will disagree cause that’s what they like to do, but i liked it alot

bipolar_sky_fairy: No, I found much of the humor forced and landed flat, or the timing was off. Drax was overused in that regard, and there was way too much baby Groot crammed in there for the little kids.

For me the bright spot was Kurt Russel.

I still prefer the first film.

Portgas: I was underwhelmed by it. Loved the first one, though.

TheRealMichaelGarcia: I enjoyed guardians 2 but captain America civil war is my favorite mcu movie

ShadowGamer648: It’s tied with Homecoming as my favorite MCU movie so far.

dem0nhunter: It wasn’t as good as the first one. So no

quest47484748: I agree with everything you wrote. Smiled through most of the movie and that’s extremely rare.

MGSCG: It’s one of my favorites

Probably Winter Soldier at #1

Guardians 2 and #2

Iron Man at #3

HeartyBeast: I thought it was … reasonable. Neither of my kids (12 and 14) thought it was anything special.

agentup: Well I’ll take the cop out answer and say they all have elements that make them great.

Loki alone elevates the Thor movies above the other movies because he’s the most interesting villain in the series.

Tony Stark is the most interesting character

Guardians has the most emotional impact.

Captain America and the Avengers has the best action scenes.

ishiiman0: I guess so, now that I think about it. Was definitely the most fun of the MCU movies while having more emotional weight than the first one and a compelling villain. If nothing else, the soundtrack makes it much easier to rewatch than any of the other MCU movies.

Sorge74: The avengers is my favorite, just because it was amazing it fucking happened. Guardians one I prefer over two, felt fresher.

mrthewhite: not mine.

It was a great movie for sure, but definitely not my favorite.

Despite it’s terrible villain I enjoyed the first guardians movie more.

As for marvel as a whole, Civil War and Winter Soldier are both better than Guardians two. Most marvel movies lean to heavily on comedy but Winter Soldier in particular found a really great balance between comedy and drama. Guardians 2 is definitely in the “too much comedy” category of marvel movies. Not so much that it makes it a bad movie, but it definitely spoils several dramatic moments with comedy beats that just aren’t necessary and rob the movie of much needed weight and impact.

Sabnitron: I don’t know about *favorite*, but it was super fun and very enjoyable. I’m not totally sure what my favorite Marvel movie is. Maybe Iron Man or Logan.

mikeweasy: Probably my third favorite The Avengers and Captain America Civil War are my top two.

GreatWhiteNorthExtra: Not my favourite Marvel movie by a long shot. I would rank it behind (in no particular order) Spider-Man: Homecoming, the 3 Captain America films and Avengers. Maybe even the first Guardians movie.

But I should watch it a second time to see if my opinion of the film improves.

lughheim: I prefer the first movie, but only because the ending sequence of Guardians 2 in which they are fighting StarLord’s father seems to just go on and on and on. After awhile, the epicness of the scene wears thin. Besides that it was fantastic and definitely one of the best Marvel movies made so far.

underdabridge: The Guardians films are easily my favorite Marvel films. I think they stand in a class by themselves. I almost wish they weren’t subsumed in the Marvel Universe (which, don’t get me wrong, I also like). It’s honestly hard for me to decide which one of them I like better though.

outrider567: hated it–First one was a classic but Vol II is a poor sequel

SMB73: It’s probably one of my least enjoyable Marvel films, and I’m pretty positive about the MCU.

doctahjeph: Nothing can top Captain America The Winter Soldier for me.

WestbrookTravelAgent: I fell asleep watching it. Loved the first one. It felt refreshing after all the stale marvel movies. The jokes were forced, most of the plot with the “Golden Paris Hiltons” was boring as hell. Nebula was under-used. Only thing I liked was that the first one was about the mother, the second was about the father. It didn’t have the charm of the first one.

AstroZombie95: It’s in my top three along with the first one and Avengers. I really loved it. I also thought the soundtrack was arguably better than the first.

Deadpool_666: Mine.

42peanuts: Short answer… Yes. Long answer… Yeeeesssssssss.

wrdb2007: Days of Future Past for me

Followed by GOTG 2

ChelsB23: I really liked it and it’s better each time I watch it. It’s the only mcu movie that has made me properly cry (there are a couple that have brought tears to my eyes). It’s not my favourite though. My favourite is the first guardians film. I just think the 1st one is a better movie, also I really love it!
However Guardians 2 is probably in my top 3 MCU movies though

SteamJusticeWarrior: too much drax flanderization

playtio: It’s unironically among the ones I’ve enjoyed the least

Seankps: I didn’t like it as much as the first, but it’s still one of my favorite Marvel series right now. But that’s not saying much

Joseph-Joestar: It’s one of my least favorite MCU movies so far. I loved the first one, but the sequel did nothing for me.

MrDudeWheresMyCar: I found it closer to be close to the bottom of my personal list but I have only seen the film once. The first movie would be in my top 5 favorites.

ccbuddyrider: Been hating Marvel movies since the First Avengers but the first GotG has been my favorite of them so far and one that I rank as being more than “a Marvel movie.” That being said I enjoyed parts of Volume 2, like the Yondu scene where he kills everyone with his arrow and I enjoyed Rocket’s arc, but holy shit Drax was almost unbearable and things like Baby Groot and forced 80’s pop culture references (The Cheers bit) were parts are great in small bits, but as per usual with Marvel films, they took what was great about the first of them and amplified them to ungodly amounts in the second. A solid film all and all with a surprisingly emotional center, but some of those flaws are pretty distracting. Far from Marvel’s best.

E5150_Julian: Quite the opposite here, I think GotG 2 is one of the worst Marvel films, full of forced jokes way too much Baby Groot, I get it he’s cute.

jimmy_pop: So nobody else thought the whole “I’m god and you’re the son of god” thing was corny? I rolled my eyes so much I can tell you how many tiles the ceiling had.

What do you think?

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