Actors with the strangest sex scene?

Which actor/actress has the strangest list of people they have “slept with” in movies?

I was just thinking about Harrison Ford today and he has, in film, had sex with: an intergalactic princess, a replicant, a Nazi, and an Amish woman (off the top of my head). Who has the strangest list?

ScareTheRiven: Eddie Murphy f**ked a dragon in Shrek, might take the cake.

Primetime22: Cameron Diaz

– Jim Carrey

– Ben Stiller

– Chris Elliot

– Brett Favre

– John Cusack

– Catherine Keener

– Leonardo DiCaprio

– Jude Law

– Ashton Kutcher

– James Marsden

– Tom Cruise

– Justin Timberlake

– Jason Segel

– Shrek

– A car

DerringerHK: Ben Affleck “had sex with” Diane Lane in a movie where he played George Reeves (Superman) and then he was Batman and she was Clark’s mom in BvS.

Batman f**ked Superman’s mom, as Superman

Z0MBGiEF: I’m pretty sure Robert Picardo f**king the Gremlin chick in the end of Gremlins 2 takes the gold medal for this one:

omnilynx: Who’s the guy in Splice?

TheIronHorse: Zoe Saldana slept with a legendary pirate, a Vulcan, an Avatar, Satan, and will eventually sleep with a half-Celestial.

kelerian: Whoever had sex with James Spader?

marvinscorsese: Well, Halle Berry f**ked Billy Bob Thornton. That’s the winner in my book.

JC-Ice: Lea Thompson had sex with an anthropomorphic duck from another planet.

And she tried (but failed) to have sex with her son.

Edit: And she lost her virginity to Tom Cruise!

Cinemaphreak: > Harrison Ford today and he has, in film, had sex with: an intergalactic princess, a replicant, a Nazi…

A Nazi who was the sloppy seconds of his father.

Buzzin876: Angelina Jolie has a thing for Bad Boys.

– A Car Thief (Gone in 60 Seconds)

– A Serial Killer (Taking Lives)

– An Assassin (Mr. & Mrs. Smith/Wanted)

– Beowulf (Beowulf)

– A Tax Evader (The Tourist)

natsirtenal: Shatner …. F**ked all the aliens…all of them. Star Trek : The Many Basterds of Kirk . Newest series

meenchallenge1220: Dee Reynold’s from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Some notable lovers: Korean busboy for some secret to a microbrew and her stage manager that got her some small time comedy stand up gigs.

Slapdad-fish: Ron Jeremy

InternetDickJuice: Mila Kunis banged out a rival ballerina, her best friend Justin Timberlake, a half-dog with flying space boots Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending (where she tried to fuck both of her sons post-reincarnation), Kelso, and an animated fugitive in Family Guy.

analogkid01: Book never had sex with Rachel in “Witness.”

“Rachel if we’d made love last night I’d have to stay…or you’d have to leave.”

(Unless there’s another Harrison Ford/Amish movie I’m unaware of.)

coffeemug73: Lea Thompson banged a duck, Tom Cruise and tried to bang her son.

I honestly don’t know which one is the worst.

Bootrekt: Jennifer Lawrence.

passion4film: Kate Winslet’s list is pretty good: a fellow murderer (Heavenly Creatures), a poor third class passenger (Titanic), a teenager (The Reader), a convict (Labor Day), the Marquis de Sade (Quills), her forgetful boyfriend (Eternal Sunshine), and Harvey Keitel (Holy Smoke!). Phew.

Stillnosheep: Chris Pratt?

What do you think?

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